10 Most Wanted List

My style of teaching science is very hand and heads on. With that, we use lots of disposables. Send ’em in to the science lab! We’ll apply them to a worthy cause.

  • Autographed Pictures of Scientists, Engineers, and Other Science Heroes
  • Elements for our Periodic Table (Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Brass)
  • Phantom High Speed Digital Camera > 1000 fps
  • Hitachi TM4000 Scanning Electron Microscope Announcement Pending!!!
  • Typewriters: Students love seeing how they work – they can always type up their notes in class
  • Rock, sand, and ash samples – better yet if they have a story
  • Repurpose: Used CD’s, film canisters, used Legos, spools of wire, 12 volt motors, and glass lenses
  • Broken / Outdated RC equipment: lots of harvestable parts for current projects
  • Electric Furnace for small samples of metals and the training to safely operate
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