25,000X Magnification At Last – Muh ha ha ha ha!

After about 15 years of keeping my fingers crossed (ouch) we’ve been able to install a Hitachi TM4000 in our middle school science lab. And yes, it was worth the wait! Wow – wow – wow.

Speed of Light with 7th Graders

Microwave, chocolate, marshmallows, rulers and calculators. We calculated the speed of light with 98 percent accuracy!!!

Middle School Cloud Chamber

Nothing captures the wonder of tweens more than the anticipation and excitement of the invisible becoming visible! Wizards and dragons have nothing compared to naturally occurring alpha particles and muons!

Homemade cloud chamber with students watching for naturally occurring tracks.

Getting crazy about robots!

Truly in the robotics flow!

SumoBot Battle Royal

7th grade final battle. All robots on the ring at once. Lots of fun!

I Love This Job

Sharing the wonders of science is such a joy!

Thermal decomposition of simple carbohydrate and careful analysis of chemical products!
Milk color swirls with soap. Complex… but attention grabbing.


Pennies into silver and gold…. errrr… zinc and brass coated.

Casting Silver Legos

Not bad for a first attempt at casting silver Legos. The second batch made for nice keepsakes for the students at my camp.

Science Camp Discovery!

Liquid oxygen is magnetic …but I’ve never been content with how I’ve demonstrated this before. Until now! Big magnet – styrofoam piece – pour oxygen on top! Awesome!