Sumobot Champion


7th graders dissecting brains. Fascinating!

Exo or Endo – Thermic?

CaCl and Baking Soda. A chemical design challenge and mystery.

Ohlone Trail Backpacker

A beautiful, although rainy, hike along the 20+ mile Ohlone Trail outside of Livermore. A really nice weekend backpacker with my boy and some great scouts. Troop 484 Clayton!

DIY Headphones

Wire, magnets, paper cups, pipe cleaners, and 3.5mm audio connectors – make your own set of headphones. A great project for the ear, electromagnetism, and workshops skills.

Chemical Design Challenge

Sodium bicarbonate – dilute acetic acid and soap…. Mixed to rise just to the edge of the graduated cylinder. So many angles of science for new chemists.

Silver Crystals – So Beautiful!

Replacement of copper with silver in fascinating dance of chemistry.