ROV Champions!

So proud of our students and their top notch success at the MATE ROV competition at the Cal Maritime Academy. Brought home another first place.

Sumobot Champion


7th graders dissecting brains. Fascinating!

Exo or Endo – Thermic?

CaCl and Baking Soda. A chemical design challenge and mystery.

Ohlone Trail Backpacker

A beautiful, although rainy, hike along the 20+ mile Ohlone Trail outside of Livermore. A really nice weekend backpacker with my boy and some great scouts. Troop 484 Clayton!

DIY Headphones

Wire, magnets, paper cups, pipe cleaners, and 3.5mm audio connectors – make your own set of headphones. A great project for the ear, electromagnetism, and workshops skills.

Chemical Design Challenge

Sodium bicarbonate – dilute acetic acid and soap…. Mixed to rise just to the edge of the graduated cylinder. So many angles of science for new chemists.