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Pennies into silver and gold…. errrr… zinc and brass coated.

Casting Silver Legos

Not bad for a first attempt at casting silver Legos. The second batch made for nice keepsakes for the students at my camp.

Science Camp Discovery!

Liquid oxygen is magnetic …but I’ve never been content with how I’ve demonstrated this before. Until now! Big magnet – styrofoam piece – pour oxygen on top! Awesome!

Mountain Rescue Conference at Mt. Hood

60th anniversary of the MRA. An excellent meet-up and training. Great folks everyone of them!

In some June snow at the Mountain Rescue Conference – Mt. Hood

Point Reyes Backpacking Gourmet

Delicious venison sliders and bacon laced s’mores. Yum yum yum after a long day of hiking the long way to Glenn Camp.

‘Dangerous’ Design Challenge = Lots of Student Excitement!

RC cars, balloons, and BBQ skewers. A really fun Friday design challenge for the end of the school year.